Farm Animals

Transport of chickens in Indonesia © RSPCA

In this section you will find a range of guidance documents and information papers for individuals or organisations working in animal welfare around the world.

These particular documents have been designed specifically for an international audience but please note that further guidance on this subject is also available in the farm animals section of the RSPCA web site.

Everyone's a winner - chicken welfare - Czech (RSPCA 2006)(PDF 4087KB)

Targeted Help - improving farm animal welfare in Scotland(RSPCA)(PDF 703KB)

Into the fold - bringing animal welfare into the CAP (RSPCA -Eurogroup 2002)(PDF 375KB)

Food for Thought - farm animal welfare and the WTO (RSPCA-Eurogroup 1999)(PDF 4108KB)

Farm animal welfare USA (RSPCA 2007)(PDF 2490KB)

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