The Great Debates

The Great Debates

The Great Debates get young people to actively engage with animal welfare and think critically about issues concerning animals.

This groundbreaking project involves pupils aged 11-14 who represent their school in debates on the topic of 'who is responsible for animal welfare?'.

Children taking part gain an understanding of the responsibility we have for animals as they research and discuss the issues. Finalists will even get the chance to take part in the grand finals hosted in the UK and Welsh parliaments.

Fantastic! The trickle-down effect from these debates will have manifold consequences in terms of confidence, literacy and self perception. It's hugely formative and as a school we are so grateful that the students had this chance. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the topic and were all very passionate about animal welfare.

- Feedback from a participating teacher

What we've done so far

Now in its fourth year, the project has promoted wide discussion of animal welfare topics in schools. It's success has led to many teachers now including this as part of their examination syllabus.

What we want to achieve

Your support could help us widen participation in this exciting event by expanding it across England and Wales. Holding regional heats that would culminate in grand finals in  the UK and Welsh parliaments.

Get your school involved

Let your school know about The Great Debates! 11 to 14 year old students can debate special subjects on the issues of animal welfare.

Those schools who advance to the final will then debate the question 'Whose Responsibility is Animal Welfare?'; weighing up the various responsibilities of the different agencies involved - including the governments in England and Wales, Local Government, RSPCA, vets, the police and the public.

Get your school involved in The Great Debates