Compassionate Class

We want to 1.6 million school children to have taken part in Compassionate Class by 2030, helping to foster empathy and responisbility for animals in a generation of young people.

Using video and interactive content, pupils aged 7-11 take part in various activities such as discussions, debates and creative assignments which inspire compassion for animals.

The final stage gives the exciting opportunity for pupils to enter our 'Most Compassionate Class of the Year' award and a chance to win a visit to one of our animal centres. 

When this generation of children get older, they'll be far more empathetic towards the needs of animals and they'll be more willing to contact the RSPCA when they suspect that an animal is being mistreated. Our hope is that this will reduce animal suffering for generations to come.

- David Allen, RSPCA, Head of Prevention and Education

What we've done so far

Our Compassionate Class pilot ran in 60 schools across Manchester and we're already seeing very promising results, with children demonstrating a high level of understanding animal needs. Additionally, the independent company who assessed the project for us reported it was the most positive teacher feedback they had ever seen.

What we can achieve with your support

Over 2,000 schools signed up for Compassionate Class on launch - a huge success. With your support we plan to run the project in around 30 percent of primary shools in England and Wales, reaching 160,000 children every year.

If we can achieve this, 1.6 million school children will have participated in Compassionate Class by 2030 - each one developing a compassion for animals that will stay with them long into the future.

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