Wild Things

Wild Things gives young people from deprived areas access to nature and animals in ways that may not have otherwise been possible.

Participants learn how to handle pets and help make the environment a safer place for the wildlife around them. Helping them to develop the empathy and understanding of animals needs, which is vital if we're to create a generation that's kinder to animals.

Giving young people access to nature and animals helps them grow in self-confidence and learn practical new skills. It also helps them develop empathy and understanding, which is vital to create a generation that's kinder to animals. 

I love nature. I used to play lots of computer games but now I prefer nature.

- Feedback from a young participant

What we've done so far

The first four years of our Wild Things project at Mallydams Wood in Hastings has reached more than 10,500 local children, young people and parents, as well as influential adults like teachers and youth workers. That's more than 12 percent of the local population!

What we could achieve with your support

You could help us reach achieve even more young people and families. By helping us roll out Wild Things to other wildlife and animal centres, you could open the hearts and minds of an entire generation of children to the importance of animal welfare.

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