Animal care apprenticeships


Two teenagers at RSPCA Mallydams ©RSPCA

Our brand new apprenticeship project offers promising young people from disadvantaged backgrounds a chance to pursue a career helping animals.


We're hoping this will help change the lives of people who may not have had the best start and earn themselves a formal qualification in animal care. With this, we can train the next generation of professionals - who can also spread our message of animal kindness. 

My vision is to have an apprentice from a disadvantaged background in every RSPCA animal centre. That's how important I believe this new project could be.

- David Allen, RSPCA, Head of Prevention and Education

What we've done so far

Many children who have taken part in our projects find themselves wanting to devote their lives to caring for animals. So we've set up this brand new project, accepting our first apprentice in August 2018.

What you could help us achieve

You have a unique opportunity to play a vital role in an enormously important initiative, right from its inception. Our ambition is to expand this scheme so that we can offer apprenticeships to many more of the most promising young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

However, it takes a significant investment to fund these replacements - with each one costing around £22,500 over the course of a year.

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