Ending animal cruelty by supporting teachers to develop informed, responsible and active citizens.

Our education website for teachers offers free training and support for professionals who work with children and young people.

Free lesson plans and teaching resources

We’ve created a selection of free lesson plans, linked to the English and Welsh curricula, to help teachers bring animal welfare issues to life in the classroom.

Early years lesson plans on caring for pets, farm animals and wildlife help ensure that children learn about the needs of animals from an early age.

Key stage 1 and 2

Primary and infant school teachers will love our key stage 1 and 2 lesson plans which help explore habitats, the complexity of insect life and more.

With activities, discussion ideas, factsheets and more what will your class learn today?

Key stage 3 and 4

Those at secondary school, teaching key stage 3 and 4, can encourage debate on a range of animal welfare issues using lesson plans designed to engage teenagers.

Cover a range of science and ethics topics with our support.

Youth Intervention

Our online youth intervention programme, Breaking The Chain, explores and tackles the issues surrounding young people and animal cruelty. It can help young people, and those that support them, when there is concern about their attitude or behaviour towards animals.

We also offer training to those supporting vulnerable young people, in helping individuals to understand that animals have feelings and needs, including specialised training to foster carers who would like to learn more about supporting their foster children in their relationship with animals.

Teaching ideas and support

As well as over 40 lesson plans we also provide teachers with assembly ideas, interactive resources and quick activities.

We can even arrange for a volunteer speaker to visit your school and speak to key stage 2 pupils about animal welfare and our work.

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