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Being a PetRetreat fosterer

Our PetRetreat service relies on fosterers throughout England and Wales to provide temporary homes for animals belonging to families fleeing domestic abuse.

We receive almost 100 calls a week from families seeking our help, and are always in need of PetRetreat fosterers.

Our network of foster carers give pets loving homes for around four to six months, although this can be for longer.

Cat laying on woman's legs on sofa © iStockphoto / Hans Martens

Fostering a pet can be a pleasurable and rewarding experience, and is essential for our PetRetreat service to continue helping families by providing a safe retreat for their animals.

Answers to some of the most common questions about PetRetreat fostering can be found in our PetRetreat fostering FAQs (PDF 45.8KB)

What makes a good pet foster carer?

The following are typical characteristics of a PetRetreat fosterer.

  • An animal lover
    Ideally with experience of owning a pet.  
  • Patient
    Animals may be frightened or anxious going into a new home and need time to settle and adjust.  
  • Understanding and empathetic
    About what the animal may have seen or been through, and aware that the animal may have been abused.  
  • Dedicated
    Prepared to look after a pet for around six months - or possibly longer.  
  • Extraordinary
    It takes a special person to be a PetRetreat fosterer.

Could you be a PetRetreat fosterer?

If you think you've got what it takes to foster a pet whilst its family gets settled, find out how to apply

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