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Sarah and Patience

Patience came into PetRetreat after having a litter of puppies and unfortunately had mastitis.

Patience hadn't received the care she needed © RSPCA

The owner Sarah knew that Patience wasn’t very well because she wasn’t feeding her pups and whined in pain.

However, Sarah was unable to seek veterinary help due to her husband not permitting it and refusing to give her money to pay for any treatment needed.

Sarah a lady in her 40’s had no children. Patience was bought for her after a particularly nasty row with her husband, which ended in violence to say sorry for his actions.

A friend at work questioned Sarah about repeated bruising to her arms and she confided in her, it was then that she sought help with a Domestic Violence Outreach Service.

Sarah went to stay with her work colleague’s sister, but she was unable to take Patience because she was not very tolerant of cats, so arrangements were made for Patience to seek refuge through PetRetreat.

Sarah remained working and a restraining order was sought against her husband. Gradually she was able to save money for a deposit on a private let and rehoused herself within three months and was able to take Patience back.

Patience made a full recovery from the mastitis and Sarah rehomed the litter of three pups. Patience thrived in her foster home and became a confident dog, even befriending next doors' cat, well until it ran!

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