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Maggie and Oliver

Cat Oliver taken in by PetRetreat © RSPCA

RSPCA PetRetreat were contacted by DV Outreach Services after their client Maggie fled domestic violence to a women’s refuge.

Unfortunately after only two weeks of being in refuge Maggie left due to threats made by her husband against her cat Oliver, who she had left with him and because she was worried for the safety of Oliver she went home.

After a month of going home Maggie was attacked again by her husband and hospitalised and PetRetreat received a call. Maggie would only leave and go into refuge on the grounds that she knew Oliver would be safe.

Oliver came into PetRetreat’s care for a period of six months, during this time he was neutered, vaccinated and microchipped at an RSPCA centre and then he went to a foster home until Maggie was rehoused and able to take him home.

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