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Eliza, Daisy and Flo

Six-year-old Beagle x Flo © RSPCA

A domestic violence officer for the police contacted Women’s Aid on behalf of Eliza. Who in turn contacted PetRetreat.


Eliza and her family were well known to the police as they regularly visited the property due to domestic disputes and breach of the peace.

On several occasions the husband was arrested and Eliza taken to hospital for treatment, whilst members of Eliza’s family or neighbours were called to look after Daisy the four-year-old daughter until Eliza was discharged from hospital.

During one particularly nasty dispute the husband threw Eliza down the stairs and she miscarried her baby. Daisy was witness to this event and Eliza made the decision to leave as the violence was escalating.

Social services were also involved and with multiple agency help Eliza went into a women’s refuge with Daisy. The husband was taken to court and prosecuted for grievous bodily harm.

Flo the beloved family dog, who Daisy had grown up with, was taken by the police to local kennels. We were informed of a dog needing fostering, completed our temporary fostering agreement and collected Flo a four-year-old Beagle x within a few days.

We cared for Flo for a total of six months, a beautiful but nervous dog until Eliza and Daisy were rehoused and reunited.

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