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Denise and Patrick

Women’s Aid contacted RSPCA PetRetreat when planning an escape for their client Denise who they had been working with for over two years.

Cocker Spaniel x Patrick © RSPCA

Denise finally made the decision to leave when she was attacked by her partner in front of the children. 

Her partner kicked Patrick her elderly Cocker Spaniel x leaving him limping, the perpetrator also locked Patrick in the shed for the night.

This attack was brought on as punishment because Denise had been late home after collecting the kids from school due to an accident on her route home.

PetRetreat worked with Women’s Aid for two weeks making arrangements to meet Denise and collect Patrick as she would not leave without him so she could flee to safety with her children.

Denise remained in refuge for seven months and Patrick put into foster care with an older lady who enjoyed walking, giving gentle exercise to Patrick as that was all he could manage in his old age.

Patrick was reunited with his family once they were re-housed.

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