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Real stories

In the event of your death, we’ll be told your pet needs our help. We’ll then be responsible for finding a new loving home for them.

Our rehoming process makes sure we match your pet to the right person.

Anyone adopting from us will need to fill out a lifestyle questionnaire and have an informal interview. We often carry out home visits – one before the animal is rehomed and often a follow up – we like to see how they are settling in.

Our process is there for a reason – we make sure that your pet finds their perfect match so they’ll be happy and healthy and in their new home for life.

Sign up to Home for Life now.

Happy endings

Gypsy rehomed as a result of the Home for Life Scheme

Gypsy, nine-years-old

Mr and Mrs Ward have always owned shelties, and were distraught after losing their last dog around Christmas.

A few months later, after a chance sighting of a three-legged sheltie on television, they decided to rehome a dog.

As Mrs Ward was browsing our website, she spotted that our West Hatch Animal Centre were caring for Gypsy, a sheltie looking for a home.

Gypsy came to us under the Home for Life scheme after her owner sadly passed away. She'd only come up for rehoming that morning. Mrs Ward called the centre straight away and told us she’d like to rehome her. From the moment Gypsy met Mrs Ward it was like they’d never been apart. Mrs Ward says:

Gypsy has settled in fantastically on our small farm and has bonded well with everyone in the family

Millie rehomed as a result of the Home for Life Scheme
Millie, ten-years-old

Millie is a confident cat who adores people. She came into our care after her owner sadly passed away.

Luckily, they’d signed up to Home for Life, so we set about finding her a loving new home.

Meanwhile, Ms Stilwell was looking on our website for a cat when she came across Millie. Right away, she knew she was the one for her.

After applying to adopt her and having a successful home visit, Ms Stillwell travelled to our Millbrook Animal Centre to meet Millie. Since her adoption, Ms Stilwell said:

Millie has settled in very well and it didn’t take her long to make herself at home. She’s very content and very vocal when she wants something. It’s like we’ve always had her and I’m so glad we’ve been able to offer her a new home in her later years.