Briar's time with us

Briar, a small Lhasa Apso, was 13 when her owner sadly passed away.

As she was registered with Home for Life, we began caring for her at our Block Fen rehoming centre.

Individual care for every pet

Briar the Lhasa Apso

We understand that all pets are different, with their own unique needs and personalities. That’s why we find out as much as we can about a pet when we register them with Home for Life.

For example, Briar’s owner had told us that she could sometimes be a little nervous around other dogs, so we made sure she was able to find a quiet, comfortable area where she’d be at ease.

Sure enough, Briar soon found a favourite spot in her basket behind the reception desk, where the staff could give her plenty of strokes and cuddles.

The daughter of Briar’s previous owner saw for herself how loved Briar was while staying with us, and has since been in touch with her thanks:

Thank you again for the excellent service you provide.

It was only a matter of weeks until someone contacted us to enquire about adopting Briar – a lady who had cared for dogs for over 60 years and was only too happy to find a new companion.

The best people to look after your pet

With so much experience finding the right homes for pets like Briar, we’re better placed than anyone to give pets like yours a loving new home. So if you’re worried about what will happen to your pet when you’re no longer there, apply for Home for Life. We’ll do everything we can to find them the caring home they deserve.

Of course, not every animal is lucky enough to have a loving home like Briar’s. That’s why gifts in Wills are so important – they help fund over 50 percent of our work with sick, injured and neglected animals. It’s also why we ask everyone who takes advantage of the Home for Life scheme to consider supporting us in this way. There’s no charge for Home for Life – but many supporters enjoy knowing they can help other animals alongside their own beloved pet.

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Considering Home for Life for your best friend? For more information, please read the full Home for Life terms and conditions (PDF144KB).