A second chance for Charlie

Charlie the Weimaraner

Charlie's owner John was the only family he'd ever known. So when John passed away, Charlie was alone and without his best friend. He was blind, and subsequent health problems meant that he also needed an emergency operation.

Thankfully, John had registered Charlie with the Home for Life scheme.

Love and care at our animal centre

Our dedicated staff at RSPCA Chesterfield branch worked tirelessly to keep Charlie’s spirits up; playing with him every day and making sure he had lots of toys. They gave him all the love and care he needed to recover.

They worked hard to find him a new home, and their efforts didn’t go unnoticed. “We saw Charlie on the RSPCA website and just knew he was ‘the one’,” said Charlie’s new owner Nicolette.

Nicolette and her husband Richard drove for over eight hours to meet him, after which they officially applied to rehome him.

They went through a thorough vetting process including a home visit. Finally, Charlie was ready to be introduced to their two other dogs, Tess and Bear.

The perfect new home for a loving dog

He’s now happily settled with his new family. “All three dogs are brilliant together and we even caught Tess resting her head on him last night,” said Nicolette.

The care and attention we’re able to give dogs like Charlie is helped by the gifts we receive in Wills. That’s why, while there’s no charge for Home for Life, we ask everyone who takes advantage of the scheme to consider supporting us in this way.

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Considering Home for Life for your best friend? For more information, please read the full Home for Life terms and conditions (PDF144KB).