• Photographer: Grace Jones
    Category: Picture Perfect Pets - Winner 2019 and Overall Winner 2019
    Title: Tinker's gaze
    Description: I took this photo while admiring my cat watching the garden birds. I just loved how the natural sunlight illuminated her green eyes and filtered delicately through her fur - I knew it was the perfect opportunity to snap a photo. What I adore most about this photo is the wise, concentrated expression on Tinker's face, which gave me the inspiration for the title. This photo inspired me to study A level photography at college.

  • Photographer: Oliver Ross
    Category: Picture Perfect Pets - Runner-up 2019
    Title: Patterns
    Description: I took this image, at Fernilee Reservoir, ensuring I was on the same level as the border collie. I knew it would work in black and white before the image was taken, as the surroundings and the dog's fur created a unique pattern. I had to capture this image to portray that nature and animals, when put together, make beautiful creations.

  • Photographer: Sophie Garwood
    Category: Picture Perfect Pets - Commended 2019
    Title: Peeping Tom
    Description: This photograph is of my tom cat, Sammy. He was rescued as a kitten and travelled on the tube and train down from Marble Arch in London to the Cats Protection centre in Surrey, from where we adopted him two years ago. I took this photo to capture his shy but inquisitive nature, as he peeps around the corner to watch me intently.