• Photographer: Freya Carnell
    Category: 16-18 Mobile Phone and Devices - Winner 2019
    Title: Now you see me...
    Description: With a keen eye I managed to spot this very well camouflaged toad against a dense forest floor. It was taken during summer in the New Forest. Moments after snapping this shot the toad hopped into the bushes, carrying on with his day.

  • Photographer: Caitlin Madgwick
    Category: 16-18 Mobile Phone and Devices - Runner-up 2019
    Title: Clifftop lizard
    Description: Taken in the Scottish Highlands, on a walk around the headland at the Old Man of Stoer, I had an encounter with this mesmerising lizard, who stopped me on the path with just enough time to stealthily snap a photo before he scuttled away into the grass.