• Photographer: Thomas Meynell
    Category: 16-18 - Winner 2019
    Title: Sunrise grebe family: 2
    Description: This photo of a great crested grebe family was taken at my local pond during sunrise. The early morning sunlight gives the subjects a warm hint of yellow and a much more vibrant look. It was a huge bonus to capture the young grebes at such an early stage of their lives, whilst in the water. The positioning of the two adult grebes makes for a unique composition, but also shows the incredibly close bonds between two adults whilst bringing up their young.

  • Photographer: Joshua Myers
    Category: 16-18 - Runner-up 2019
    Title: Coot in monochrome
    Description: This image of a coot was taken during a visit to Belper to photograph peregrine falcons. I had a walk along the river bank while I was waiting for the peregrines to show and came across this coot looking for food. I really liked the reflections in the water and thought it made a really interesting, slightly unusual composition. I converted the image to black and white and it became one of my favourite shots from the entire day.

  • Photographer: Jake Kneale
    Category: 16-18 - Commended 2019
    Title: The offering
    Description: When I saw these shags on the edge of the path I slowly crawled towards them making sure they didn't show any signs of discomfort. I used my wide-angle lens to include the stunning clifftop environment and a little pop of fill-flash to illuminate the harsh shadows on the birds. I was already mesmerised by the close-up view of the shags' green eyes so I couldn't believe my luck when the male offered his partner a piece of seaweed. Farne Islands, Northumberland.