• Photographer: Daniel Zhang
    Category: 12-15 - Winner 2019
    Title: Mid-air catch
    Description: I was on a photography trip with my father and a few other photographers. Although the toad appears to be jumping into the hamerkop's mouth, in reality the bird was throwing its prey into the air to kill it. The toad was also dabbed onto the ground several times by the bird's beak. I felt very excited having captured this moment. Zimanga Private Reserve, South Africa.

  • Photographer: Ezra Boulton
    Category: 12-15 - Runner-up 2019
    Title: Grinning grasshopper
    Description: I was out with my camera one summer evening trying to find insects to photograph when I spotted this common field grasshopper. I noticed that when I looked down on it from above, it looked like it was grinning at me. I wanted to capture this peculiar angle and symmetry. Penzance, Cornwall.

  • Photographer: Leo Scott
    Category: 12-15 - Commended 2019
    Title: Governed by the clouds
    Description: I took this at Hartsholme Lakes, Lincoln, on a late winter's afternoon while standing on a bridge crossing the water. As I looked up, I noticed the lashing wind and the ominous clouds, and how the gulls' behaviour changed. They frantically took to the air, riding the gusts in big flocks, which is very different to anything I had ever seen before. I had to take a picture to show how the weather governs animals' movements and behaviours.