• Photographer: Oliver Butcher
    Category: Under 12 - Winner 2019
    Title: Fish Thief
    Description: I was hoping to get some photos of my favourite birds of prey, the ospreys that nest at Rutland every year. An osprey dived into the water and caught a fish, but dropped it as it flew off. The red kite circling above dropped with feet stretched out and grabbed the fish, and as it flew off was chased by a buzzard. It was very exciting to see three amazing birds, but I felt sorry for the osprey because it was the one that actually caught the fish!

  • Photographer: Michael Johnson-Browne
    Category: Under 12 - Runner-up 2019
    Title: March of the penguins
    Description: My favourite place in the Falklands is Volunteer Point, where we could camp with the penguins. There is a beautiful beach - the sand is so white it can look like snow. There is also a large king penguin colony - it stinks! I love these birds, they are so curious and from a distance can look like humans walking slowly. I love watching them and taking photos of them and feel lucky to have been able to do so.

  • Photographer: Tess Easterbrook
    Category: Under 12 - Commended 2019
    Title: Staring out to sea
    Description: I took this photo of a puffin on Inner Farne. I was really pleased with how sharp the photo is and also how it seemed to reflect how the puffin was peacefully looking out to sea.

  • Photographer: Thomas Easterbrook
    Category: Under 12 - Commended 2019
    Title: Haughty heron
    Description: I sat still at the edge of a pond while this heron got closer and closer to me. I think it was more interested in the fish than me!