• Photographer: Freddy Jones
    Category: 12-15 - Winner 2018
    Title: Grass snake pond dipping
    Description: I was walking down the garden to photograph sparrowhawks when something caught my eye. I saw a head pop up and thought it was a frog, but I crept in close to the pond and saw it was a grass snake! It saw me, so I waited patiently nearby and as soon as its head appeared I took the shot.

  • Photographer: Joshua Myers
    Category: 12-15 - Runner-up 2018
    Title: The stare
    Description: This is the very intense and stern-looking stare of an incredibly cute snowy owl chick at a bird of prey and animal park in Bridlington. The snowy owl was allowed to wander around freely and I took the opportunity to get down to eye level and shoot a close-up portrait as it gave me 'the stare'!

  • Photographer: Jake Kneale
    Category: 12-15 - Commended 2018
    Title: Emergence
    Description: I photographed this downy emerald dragonfly (Cordulia aenea) emerging from its larval form on a fence post at a local nature reserve. The fascinating process took over two-and-a-half hours, finally leaving the hollow exuvia behind. I used flash to create a black background, producing a simpler and more dramatic image.

  • Photographer: Will Jenkins
    Category: 12-15 - Commended 2018
    Title: Scratch
    Description: This brown bear cub had been digging for clams on a beach in Alaska and had sand in his snout and on his paw and ear. He sat down for a long scratch. I sat down too as it looked better shooting from a lower viewpoint.