• Photographer: Lucy Hutton
    Category: The Human Impact on Animals - Winner 2018 and Overall Winner 2018
    Title: Solitario George
    Description: Lonesome George ('Solitario George' to locals) is a Pinta Island tortoise who was the last of his species. His preserved body is kept in a temperature controlled room in the Charles Darwin Research Centre in the Galapagos. I only had six minutes to get a photo free of people and I found the moment very moving, as the conservation of endangered species is something I am passionate about.

  • Photographer: Gideon Knight
    Category: The Human Impact on Animals - Runner-up 2018
    Title: What's in it for me?
    Description: A herring gull in Brighton tears at a plastic bag of rubbish to see what's inside. With natural food resources depleting the opportunistic gulls have turned to towns and cities as prime spots for feeding, where they will generally scavenge for discarded food.