Third party cookies - page 3

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer by websites that you visit. When you visit you may notice some cookies that aren't related to the RSPCA. Below is a continuation of the list of third party cookies that may be set on our website.


Names as it appears in your browser: OAID

Crimtan provides online advertising services. This cookie is used for audience targeting, campaign optimisation and reporting. All user information is anonymous and may be used for statistical and targeting purposes.
Crimtan privacy policy.
Opt out of behavioural ad targeting.


Names as they appear in your browser: _tmid, _tmpi

TubeMogul is a video advertising platform. These cookies are used to track the effectiveness of the advertising campaigns, to optimise the performance of these campaigns and to make the ads more relevant to you.
Opt out of targeted advertising on the TubeMogul's privacy page.

Rocket Fuel
Names as they appear in your browser: a2, j2, t1, a1, j1, t, r, o, p, s1, m, u, f, k, e, b, v, a, j

Rocket Fuel delivers personalised banner ads across the web. These cookies are used to track user interactions with the ads and to report back on campaign performance. No personal information is collected at any point.
You can opt out of behavioural targeting on the Rocket Fuel privacy policy page, or via the Network Advertising Initiative opt out tool.


Names as they appear in your browser: __uuc2

Flite is an advertising platform. This cookie is used to deliver real-time advertising and reports on campaign performance.
Flite privacy policy: You cannot opt out of tracking online, however, you can choose to block cookies in your browser. Visit to find out how to do this on a wide variety of browsers.

Yahoo! Right Media

Names as they appear in your browser: uid, bh

These cookies are used by Yahoo! to track the performance of the adverts deployed by their advertising platform on behalf of the RSPCA.
Yahoo! Right Media privacy policy.
Opt-out of behavioural targeting: // or here: //

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