Wimbledon, Wandsworth & Sutton District Branch
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TINA is no longer available for rehoming

The RSPCA rehomes thousands of animals every year but their are still many more looking for loving new families. Every animal we rehome has a past that's unique to them and they come with a personality ready-made.

Continue your search today - you never know who you might find and fall in love with.

Adopt a pet

Every home & cat are different which is why we carry out home visits.

We do not rehome kittens to indoor homes, homes with very young children or to the elderly. 

If you're renting you will need landlords written permission. 

Don't have a garden? We occasionally have indoor cats for rehoming. Indoor homes are also perfect for fostering.

Cats/Kittens adoption - £85 - which includes neutering, microchipping and initial vaccinations (prices at other branches and animal centres may vary)  

Your pet will need: Food, exercise, vaccinations, a comfortable place to live, sleep & play, grooming, veterinary attention when they are sick. Also consider that boarding costs will need to be paid if you go away on holiday or for work reasons.

Please bear in mind that many animals come into the care of the RSPCA because they have been ill treated or neglected. So they may need extra patience and understanding but will reward you with so much in return.

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