Wiltshire-Mid Branch
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RSPCA Wiltshire Mid Branch Cat Neutering Campaign 2019

The RSPCA Wiltshire Mid Branch Cat Neutering Campaign, which was run in conjunction with Cats Protection Frome and District Branch, ended on 30th April 2019.

We processed 275 requests for 440 cats to be neutered.

Donations – if you feel able to make a donation towards the significant costs of funding such a campaign we shall be very grateful. The RSPCA receives no funding from public funds either nationally or locally so all of our work in helping animals and their owners is possible only through donations from our supporters – people like you.

RSPCA Wiltshire Mid Branch accepted responsibility for the costs of neutering 321 cats in the following areas:

Warminster area - 32 cats; 18 females and 14 males

Westbury area – 88 cats; 49 females and 39 males

Devizes area – 116 cats; 61 females and 55 males

Melksham areas – 85 cats; 47 females and 38 males

 Cats Protection Frome and District Branch  accepted  responsibility for the costs of neutering 69 cats (36 females and 33 males) in Bradford on Avon, Trowbridge and Frome and the surrounding area.

Requests for help from owners outside of the areas covered by these two organisations were redirected to the appropriate neighbouring RSPCA branches.


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