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RSPCA Wiltshire Mid Branch Cat Neutering Campaign 2019

The RSPCA Wiltshire Mid Branch Cat Neutering Campaign, in conjunction with Cats Protection Frome and District Branch, started on World Spay Day (26th February 2019) and will end on 30th April 2019.

Both organisations wish to encourage cat and kitten owners to have their pets neutered.                              

Under this campaign we will help those owners who cannot afford to pay for the operation and aftercare themselves by paying the vet costs for them.

 You do not have to be receiving benefits to apply for help.

Feral cats - we will also consider undertaking the free neutering of any feral cats that can be brought to a vet by members of the public, subject to the ability and willingness of such persons to catch and return the animals and follow the vet’s guidance on aftercare. Please tell us if the application is for feral cats.

Cats and kittens will be accepted for treatment from the towns of Devizes, Bradford on Avon,  Melksham, Trowbridge, Westbury, Warminster and Frome and the surrounding villages.

Please go to CNC2019 form to apply for financial help with the cost of neutering your cat(s) and kitten(s).    If you have any questions please contact us by e-mail at: rspcawiltsmid@gmail.com   or telephone 07494 240622. You can apply until 30th April 2019.

We will reply by e-mail, or by telephone if you don’t use e-mail, within 3 days, with your voucher number. You will need this when you contact the vets to make an appointment.

If your vet is not participating in the campaign we will agree a suitable alternative with you.

There will be no time limit applied to the vouchers so if your kitten is too young at the time you can still have the neutering done later.

We shall ask the vet practices for weekly feedback in order that we can encourage, where appropriate, those owners who have received vouchers but have not used them.

After the operation the vets will invoice us and we will pay them directly. Please note that the campaign is intended to cover the cost of the neutering operation and all aftercare advised by your vet. We cannot, under this campaign, accept any costs for procedures or treatment not directly connected with the neutering operation. If you have concerns or questions about this please contact us by e-mail or telephone before filling in the form (see above for contact details).

Donations – if you feel able to make a donation towards our costs so that we can help more animals and their owners please use the My Donate function at the top of the page.

RSPCA Wiltshire Mid Branch will be responsible for the costs of neutering in the following postcode areas only:

Warminster/Westbury areas BA12 0, BA12 7, BA12 8, BA12 9      BA13 2, BA13 3, BA13 4      BA14 6

Devizes/Melksham areas SN10 1, SN10 2, SN10 3, SN10 4, SN10 5     SN12 6, SN12 7, SN12 8      SN15 2

SP3 4 (Tilshead only)

 Cats Protection Frome and District Branch will be responsible for the costs of neutering in

Bradford on Avon, Trowbridge and Frome and the surrounding area.

 Please use the same CNC2019 form for applications from all areas covered by the campaign.

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