Wiltshire-Mid Branch
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Covid 19 and RSPCA/Cats Protection Cat Neutering Campaign 2020

RSPCA Wiltshire Mid Branch will continue to issue vouchers to cover the costs of cat neutering and microchipping to applicants living in the area covered by the branch. Please read the full description of the campaign  below this on the Latest page.

Most vet practices are only undertaking emergency operations at present so it may be some time before neutering operations can be offered again. We are therefore extending the time limit on CNC2020 RSPCA issued vouchers until 31st December 2020.

If you have concerns about the health of your cat please discuss this with your vet.

If you need assistance towards the cost of vet treatment for any of your pets please discuss this with us on our regular help-line 07395 560639 or e-mail us on rspcawiltsmid@gmail.com.

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