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Become a Volunteer Foster Carer!

We are looking for local people willing to open their homes to a dog or cat looking for a fresh start. When you foster a dog or cat from our centre, not only are you helping to rehabilitate that animal, you are also freeing up much needed space at our centre for other dogs and cats in need of our help.

Why foster? 

Fostering an animal is a vital role. It helps animals to adjust to home life and helps improve their chances of finding that special forever home.

Many of the animals that come into our centre have had a difficult start in life and have not received the care, love and affection that they need to thrive. Living in a foster home provides them with one to one care, helping to build their confidence and provide them with a real home environment.

Fostering animals can also be a very rewarding experience. It’s a special feeling to know that you played a key role in the process when an animal you have fostered is successfully rehomed. Shel Cash is a full time Animal Care Assistant at the Mount Noddy Animal Centre and has fostered both dogs and cats: “I love fostering because you are giving that animal a safe and secure place to recover or gain confidence. I always like to take in those who need a little extra time and care. Watching them grow healthier and more confident each day is really special and when you see them leave for their new start in a forever home its really the best feeling in the world”.


Find a volunteering opportunity

Use the search below to find a volunteering opportunity near you.


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