Suffolk East Coast Branch
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Text Appeal CATS40 £2 to 70070


Autumn is here and winter is fast approaching, and we have more and more cats and kittens arriving.

With this it also brings even more cases of animals that need our help.

Since the beginning of the year, hundreds of animals have been left abandoned in the cold to fend for themselves. But with our income down, our fuel, food and care costs spiralling, we're struggling to rescue and care for all the animals that desperately need our help.

We are a separately registered branch and self funding, all donations go towards the help and assistance of local animals in our area.

So please help us cover these vitally important costs and make sure more vulnerable animals  
survive now and in the future.


        All you have to do to help is Text CATS40 £2 to 70070 and  

        this will donate £1/£2+ to: RSPCA Suffolk East Coast

        (Lowestoft).   You can replace the £1 with £2, £3, £4, £5 or

        any value you wish eg, £10 or more to donate the

        corresponding amount. 




         Please seek the bill payer's permisson before donating.

            Texts are charged at your standard network rate.

                       100% of your donation goes to:

                          RSPCA Suffolk East Coast. 

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