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Abbi is a very special cat who needs a home with a lot of patience and love, a safe sanctuary from the memories and fears of her past…..

Unfortunately for Abbi she was living as a stray with no shelter or any idea where her next meal would come from.  We have no idea what traumas she encountered out on the streets but we can only  surmise it was bad as Abbi struggles to trust..

 As you can see from her photo, Abbi is a beautiful approximately 7 year old tortoiseshell, semi longhaired cat.  Abbi is very good at grooming herself and likes to keep herself clean. 

 However Abbi is not without her issues and this is why we need an extra special home for this beautiful girl to learn to trust and relax.  Abbi is very nervous of human contact and although  she is making slow progress she doesn't like other cats or any changes in her routine.

 Abbi is most active under cover of darkness, when she thinks you can't see her.  Abbi is looking for a quiet environment with very patient adults, to give  her the time to become a confident cat.  She loves to watch activity from the "safety of her bed" and although she rarely interacts we are hoping that at some point curiosity will overcome the fear.

 If you think you can offer Abbi the right kind of home please contact us either

by email  or via phone on 07935 619453.   Please note our email and phones are monitored by volunteers who work full time so please be patient with us, we aim to come back to you within 24-48 hours.

My personality

  • I'd prefer to be the only cat in a home
  • I'll probably spend more time inside
  • I'd prefer an adult only household
  • I'm a shy guy; I'll need time to settle
  • I would prefer not to live with a dog

About Me

Breed: Domestic Semi crossbreed
Colour: Tortie & White
Age: 7 Years (approx)

Contact the centre or branch about me:

RSPCA Stafford, Wolverhampton & District Branch

07935 619 453

Please only use this number if you are calling to offer a home to one of the cats in our care.

About Me

Breed: Domestic Semi crossbreed
Colour: Tortie & White
Age: 7 Years (approx)

Interested in adopting me?

There's a lot to think about before taking on a pet.  Read our rehoming page to find out more about adopting from the RSPCA. 

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