Southall Cattery
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Rehoming our animals

At any one time, we have over 100 cats that are looking for someone to offer them a new home, to be a friend and to take care of them. In return a cat will offer fun, affection and friendship.

If you have room in your home and in your heart to take on a rescued cat, please take a look at the animals listed below.  If you can't see your perfect match there right now, check back regularly as other animals will become available or visit our  Facebook page. Also try Find a pet to view other animals in the RSPCA's care across England and Wales.

Southall Cattery runs a pension scheme for elderly cats and those that have conditions requiring on-going treatment that aren’t life threatening, like skin complaints and flea allergies or old injuries and fractures.  These cats may need regular checkups and medication for the rest of their lives. If surgery is needed it's carried out at our Putney Animal Hospital after referral by one of the clinic vets. 

This scheme gives elderly cats in particular the chance of a good home without their new owners having to worry about the vet bills that can be associated with age related complaints. If a cat is eligible for the pension scheme this will be mentioned in its details below. Please note: we can’t reimburse private vets’ bills for treating cats in the pension scheme.

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