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Don't miss out on our Halloween Home Pet Show!

Join our spooktacular Halloween Home Pet Show to show us the Halloween side of your pets! Take part in this fun virtual competition by sharing your photos or videos with us.
All animals are welcome.
Participating is easy: buy a ticket (one ticket per entry!)
and then share your photos and videos via Email (details below).
Entries must be submitted by the 30th October.
Winners will be announced on Halloween day!
Don't forget to specify the category you want to be put in.

You can choose between:
Too Floof to Spook - when there's no way to disguise so much hair
Cutest Critter - they make you shriek with delight
Trick or Treater - what would they do for a titbit
Not so Evil Eyes - not really kings/queens of darkness
Mummy's Little Monster - Halloween spirit passed from owners to pets
Fangtastic Vampire - the best toothy smiles
Gruesome Twosome - kids and pets up to no good
Wise Wizard - oldies only
Pumpkin-Spiced Baby - youngsters only

We look forward to seeing your entries 
Love from
RSPCA Northamptonshire Branch

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