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Rabbit Rescue

Two of our trustees went out to a report about a small grey rabbit seen hanging around by the side of a main road through a local country park.

After a search the rabbit was found in an area of brambles making it difficult to get to and rescue.  Utilising one of the Branch’s traps Wendy and Chris (the two trustees) set the trap and retreated to the Branch van to keep watch and hopefully encourage the rabbit into the trap.

After a short while the rabbit entered the trap and Chris and Wendy were able to examine it.   

Although very thin the young rabbit was in otherwise good health but it was clear it was a domesticated rabbit that had been abandoned.


A short while later the Branch received further reports of what was reported as another abandoned rabbit in the same area, so Chris and Wendy loaded up the van and set off to check again. 

After a few unsuccessful visits a passing dog walker notified them of the location of a rabbit matching the description the Branch had received.  

A quick search of the area the dog walker identified revealed a larger dark grey rabbit, which was quickly caught and assessed.  Again the rabbit was thin but in okay health and had clearly been abandoned.

The rabbit was brought back into Branch care and carefully paired with the first rabbit as part of their rehabilitation.  Happily both rabbits are fully recovered and have now been adopted by a new loving family.

We’d like to thank the members of the public who reported the rabbits and the dog walker for their assistance.  You’ve all made a big difference to the lives of those two young rabbits.


If you would like to get involved and help the Branch with our work then please contact us on 07849312310

Further information about the care and upkeep of rabbits can be found at

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