Newport Animal Centre
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the animal you were looking for is no longer available for rehoming

The RSPCA rehomes thousands of animals every year but their are still many more looking for loving new families. Every animal we rehome has a past that's unique to them and they come with a personality ready-made.

Continue your search today - you never know who you might find and fall in love with.

Thinking of adopting me?

There's a lot to think about before taking on a pet.  Read our rehoming page to find out more about adopting from the RSPCA.

If you see an animal you think is suitable, please contact the Newport animal centre staff who will ask you to complete an adoption form. A home visit is always arranged and everyone in your household would need to meet the animal. All dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets adopted from us are neutered, microchipped and vaccinated (included in the adoption fee). In cases where an animal cannot be neutered for medical reasons, a neuter voucher will be given towards the cost of the procedure. 

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