Llys Nini serving Cardiff to Swansea Branch
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Help to Rescue an Animal

Can you spare £1 a week to help to rescue an abused, abandoned, neglected or unwanted animal?

Llys Nini Animal Centre relies on a special group of people who sponsor a kennel or cat pod from just £1 per week.

The Safe Haven Supporters make a regular committment to the Animal Centre allowing us to provide a Safe Haven for 2,000 animals each year. The animals come into the Centre from all over South, Central and West Wales. At Llys Nini they receive first class care and attention, often being nursed back to health or taught to trust people before they are rehomed.

Each Safe Haven Supporter receives a certificate allocating them a kennel or cat pod, their name is placed on the roll of honour on the website and on the supporter boards at Llys Nini. Best of all they can visit Llys Nini and see the very animal that they are helping to rescue in their rescue space.

What some our supporters have said:

"The supporters of this scheme can actually see where their money is going"

"It is so rewarding to visit Llys Nini and see the dog in kennel C24 and to know that I am helping to save his life."

"I saw the kittens in my cat pod and just cried. I can't understand how someone could just chuck a box of kittens in the river. If it wasn't for Llys Nini they would have died. I am so happy that I can help."

Llys Nini Animal Centre costs over £1,000,000 each year. We rely entirely on donations from the people of South Wales. We need help - your help - to maintain this level of animal welfare. We need 5,000 people to join our new Safe Haven scheme. Could you spare £1 a week to sponsor an animal pen and help to rescue an abused or neglected animal?

To help save an animal,  call the Animal Centre on 01792 892293, or e-mail fundraising@rspca-llysnini.org.uk Thank you.

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