Liverpool Branch
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Why Stacey became a volunteer

Since leaving school in 1995 I have volunteered for a number of organisations, with the roles ranging from hiring out mobility equipment, money collections, reception duties, etc.

However at the beginning of 2005 I decided that I had had enough and really wanted to do something completely different that wasn’t based in an office environment, but having a physical disability limited me to what I was able to accomplish.

Ever since I was young one of my interests was to work with animals, so after speaking to a member of staff at the Liverpool branch of the RSPCA in Halewood I was sent a form to fill in and send back to them. A couple of weeks later, the day had come for me to take part in an induction day at the Centre. I started volunteering that weekend and have never regretted it.

Over the last 12 years that I have been a volunteer at the centre, I have made some great friendships, helped out with fun days, Halloween spooky hunts, amongst other events. I have also been given the opportunity to foster as well as being luckily enough to adopt.

The best part about volunteering is knowing that, that hour or day you give to volunteer, means your time is spent on helping the animals who need that extra bit of care, whether their pain was caused through abuse, neglect etc., eventually leading to another animal finding their forever home.

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