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Consider cat neutering

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A neutering bus visits the Woodchurch Animal Centre on the last Wednesday of each month.

We are unable to take bookings on the day so please contact us in advance by email or phone to find out more.  Remember:

If you don't neuter your cat ...

  • The RSPCA has to find homes for 40,000 cats every year. If yours has kittens do you know enough people to take them on and give them good homes for the rest of their lives?
  • Unneutered tom-cats are noisy at night - often for hours on end. They are likely to stray from home sometimes for days at a time, or get into fights.
  • Males spray their territory with smelly urine - neutering makes them do this less and the smell is not as bad.

It could cost you ...

  • Male cats injured in fights often need expensive vetinary treatment.
  • An unneutered female will get pregnant and you will end up with kittens to care for - cats can have up to 18 kittens a year in 3 litters.

Your cat could suffer ...

  • Unneutered males fight with others and often get infected wounds, abscesses and serious illness.
  • Unneutered cats roam further than neutered ones, they are more likely to get lost or have an accident.
  • Your cat could get FIV, a very common incurable disease similar to AIDS, from fighting or mating with another cat that has it.
  • Unneutered cats are bound to get pregnant or make others pregnant.



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