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Plea to Dog Owners to have their Female Dogs Spayed

Do you have a female dog which is not neutered?  If you do, please read on. 


By not neutering your dog, you are increasing her chance of developing a condition called Pyometra which is a very severe, and in some cases, life threatening. 


Pyometra is an infection of the uterus which causes it to become inflamed and fill with pus. 


If the Pyometra is caught early enough, it may be possible to treat it with emergency surgery and quite often a period of hospitalisation.  The cost of emergency treatment can run into thousands of pounds.  Sadly in many cases the condition is not caught early enough and the dog either dies, or is put to sleep as the infection is too severe to treat.


Having your female dog spayed will not only prevent her chances of developing Pyometra, but will also prevent other problems such as the expense of phantom pregnancies and it will decrease your dogs chances of developing mammary tumours, another costly condition to treat It will also stop any unwanted pregnancy and puppies.   


If you are insured, be aware that not all insurance companies will pay for the Pyometra operation as it is something that is preventable by spaying.


Please do not put off consulting your vet about having your dog spayed as there may be schemes available to help you financially.


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