Hertfordshire East Branch
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The RSPCA Hertfordshire East Branch are delighted to have received a donation of £580.  This amazing sum has been collected by Abby Friend and Agnes Wisniewska, both employed by The Days of Ashwell Bakery in Standon.  Earlier this year they made a parachute jump to raise money for our Charity.  Their brave adventure and the generosity of customers and friends will go a long way to help all animals in our Hertfordshire area.


RSPCA Hertfordshire East provide local animal welfare services such as rehoming, welfare assistance and advice.  We are not the National RSPCA, but a separately registered charity, No. 208244.  This means that any money raised is spent in our area of Hertfordshire. We have a charity shop in Hitchin and only have three salaried employees, relying heavily on volunteer help.  If you would like to offer to help our cause, or to donate items for the shop, please tel. 01462 672278, our branch office and we can arrange for items  to be collected.


Many thanks again to Abby and Agnes, whose support will go a long way to improve the welfare of animals in our area.’

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