Hertfordshire East Branch
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Long term foster home sought for lovely Luna!


Luna came into our care after being found in a sorry state with a broken jaw and badly fractured pelvis.  We suspect that she had been hit by a car.

So far Luna has had surgery to repair her jaw and has been on cage rest in a hope that her pelvis will heel itself.  Unfortunately, though it has not healed as well as we had hoped but Luna is not showing any signs of being in pain and is quite content in herself. 

Luna is being cared for by one of our fosterers, but she is now ready for the next stage of her journey which is to find a place she can call home forever...

As Luna may need ongoing treatment for her pelvis we would like her to stay within our branch’s area so that any future treatment for this can continue to be provided through our branch.  We are, therefore, looking for a long-term foster home for her.

 Luna’s ideal home would be with an adult family where everyone will be able to respect her need for calm whilst giving her the fuss that she deserves.  Initially Luna will need to be kept indoors until her muscles have built back up and she is strong enough to venture outside.  Because of her injuries she will need to have access to a secure, well fenced garden with, preferably, no access to a road. 

If you think you can offer Luna a place in your home and find room in your heart to give her the lasting care and attention that she needs please get in touch with either Vicky or Louise at our office on 01462 672278.


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