Hertfordshire East Branch
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It is National Volunteer week and we want to say a big 'Thank You'

This Volunteers Week the Trustees and staff of RSPCA Hertfordshire East Branch would like to thank you all for the dedicated time that you give.  With your help over past 12 months we have aided over 500 animals.  Little Gypsy the kitten was born in our care on 3 March.  Her mum was found by an inspector out in the freezing cold weather we had in February and she was in quite a poor state when she arrived.

Without the help of the RSPCA this family may have perished.  Instead they have an amazing start to their new lives and will have safe happy futures.  Every volunteer will have contributed a little to help Gypsy, her mum and her siblings... whether you are helping in the shop, helping fundraise, fostering, home checking, helping with group talks, selling books or helping move animals from one location to another... you make a difference.

We have an absolutely amazing team of volunteers who help us, and we are grateful that you are part of that team.

Thank you so much for all you do.

From Tara, Hilary, Clive, Anne, Heather, Pat, Diane, Vicky, Louise, Bonnie and Maria and of course all of the animals you have made it possible for us to help.

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