Hertfordshire East Branch
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Hertfordshire East Branch's First Art Exhibition

Are you stuck for something to do? 


Then why not visit the Gordon Craig Theatre in Stevenage and see some lovely pictures which have been donated at our Charity Shop in Hitchin.


We have decided, in conjunction with the Gordon Craig, to put these pictures up for sale to raise money for animal welfare and the local animals in need.


They will be on display in the foyer area of the theatre and will be available for purchase at the end of the event.


Said Anne Harvey, Branch Trustee and event organiser,  “We are really excited to have this opportunity.  We have accumulated a fascinating set of pictures with something to appeal to everybody.”  


David Gale, Gordon Craig Theatre’s Art Critic and advisor for the event said, “I’m really surprised by the high standard of what’s on display……….. The exhibition will give added interest to our theatre goers night out.  I hope it raises much needed funds for this worthwhile local charity.” 


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