Hertfordshire East Branch
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Fosterer has looked after its 100th Cat/Kitten

Fosterers are extremely important to the Hertfordshire East Branch as they are able to look after animals in their own homes and give them the one to one attention they need.

We prefer kittens being in homes rather than in a cattery as it is better for them and at the same time helps save money for the Branch who, in the main, are self-funding.

Liz Brewood and her husband Bill have been fostering for the Hertfordshire East Branch for 5 years. Vincent (pictured right) was the 100th kitten fostered by the couple and was adopted at the end of 2014.

Liz is an experienced fosterer of pregnant cats, mums and their newly born litters and/or kittens on their own. 

Every so often a family can become more time consuming and cause worry if a kitten or Mum becomes unwell or the youngsters take longer to be weaned or learn how to use the litter tray. Happily there is a close knit group of knowledgeable people in the Herts East RSPCA branch and the local vet community who can offer advice, aid and reassurance.

However, the rewards are immeasurable when you see the young families fit, grown and ready to be visited by potential adopters and later to receive news of the happy pet in their forever home.

If you are interested in fostering cats and/or kittens please get in contact with the Hertfordshire East RSPCA (Charity Number 208244) on 01462 672278 or email info@rspcahertseast.org.uk.

The Hertfordshire East RSPCA pay for all medical treatment, food, litter, and equipment needed.  All we ask is for you to provide your home (or a room if you have existing animals), your love, time and patience to spend with these vulnerable animals until we can find their permanent homes.

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