Hertfordshire East Branch
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Betty & Tilly have found their new forever home!

 Betty and Tilly (near identical tortie sisters) came into our care in May 2017 after being abandoned by their previous owner.

As they were both so timid we struggled to find them a new forever home  and they kept getting overlooked.

Then we heard from Helen,  a very experienced cat owner who was looking for a cat to do vermin control in the stables at the bottom of her garden.

She kindly took on Betty and Tilly (now called Bramble and Mia) and they have a wonderful new home.  The stable feed room is now vermin free .  

Bramble is much happier with all the space and freedom to explore.  Mia (pictured) has really come out of her shell and is now asking for and loving attention and cuddles on a regular basis.  So a real success story thanks to Helen's experience and patience with what were two unloved cats.

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