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We are in a real need of fosterers thoughout the year but even more so in the holiday season when no-one wants to adopt any cats or kittens and yet people are still wanting to give up their animals for us to take in, or are abandoning them to suffer in the heat/cold we experience.


At present the cattery that we use (being a private cattery) is full as people are using it for their holidays and we only have 4 very dedicated fosterers to look after all the other cats and kittens that we have.


Sadly are are now at a point where we cannot take in ANY more cats or kittens until we can either have more fosterers or until people are willing to adopt from us.




The requirement to be a fosterer are simple you need to be a dedicated animal lover and the cat and/or kittens would have to be kept totally indoors during the period that you look after them.  We supply all food, litter and equipment necessary and pay for any medical treatment needed if and when it occurs.


If you have your own animals they need to be up to date with their vaccinations and any fosters cats would have to be kept completely separate from your own animals.


You would need to allow people into your home to view the cats/kittens and if they wish to adopt there will be money and paperwork involved. 


It is just your time, love and affection that you need to give and in return the rewards are amazing.


If you are interested please contact the office on 01462 672278

Want to help ? Please visit our volunteer section to find out more about what you can do.

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