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Some happy rehoming stories to start your new year

With thanks to all of our adopters for everything you do to give the animals you adopted a chance at a new life. Here are a few of our rehoming stories - and extra thanks to the new owners for allowing us to share. If you have adopted from the West Suffolk Branch, we always love to hear how things are going and would love to share your stories on here if you are happy to do so. 








Meet the lovely Duke. Duke was born blind, and was abandoned as a puppy. Luckily, he was adopted by a loving family who looked after him for eight happy years. Duke never wanted to leave his family, but sadly this year due to unforeseen circumstances, they were no longer able to keep him. They contacted RSPCA West Suffolk and he came to us to look for his forever home. When he arrived we quickly realised, despite the struggles he may have faced in life, Duke was one of the happiest and most loving dogs around. He also impressed us all with his techniques for navigating and his ability to recognise voices, and express himself. 

Duke seemed to have an amazing ability to bring joy to people so we were determined to find a forever home where he would be fully appreciated. He needed a bit of medical TLC but Duke was quickly back on form and enjoying walks with our voluntary walkers (who rose to the challenge fabulously). We finally said goodbye to Duke in October, (shed a tear) and held our breath for a happy outcome!

Now, as you can see, Duke seems to be settling into his new home fantastically. There were some teething problems when a slight nervous aggression around other dogs became apparent (and he is a bit too interested in neighbouring sheep!) but his new family have taken everything in their stride. With the help of a behaviourist, they have made it their mission to help Duke understand when he is safe around friendly dogs. They are also learning signals and commands to help him navigate and keep him safe and sound (even off- lead!). We couldn’t be happier for this big teddy-bear of a dog and his new family, and would like to thank everyone who has been part of his story. 



A few words from Stars new owners

Star was a shy, quiet girl when she first came home with us. We have now had her for 3 months and she has really come out of her shell and makes us smile daily. Her favourite toy is her red squeaky ball which she is quite happy chasing around the garden in never-ending games of fetch. She is a beautiful soul and a dream to have around the home. She certainly loves a cuddle and lots of attention and fuss. Star isn’t a fan of other dogs at the moment but we are working hard every day to make seeing dogs a positive experience and by taking little steps we have already seen big improvements. We absolutely adore Star and are so lucky to have her in our lives.


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