Essex Havering & Harold Hill Branch
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The volunteer role of a fosterer is a crucial one and can make a huge difference to the rehabilitation of an animal and their chances of finding a forever home.

We try to rehome our animals as quickly as possible, but if they are injured or have suffered long term abuse or neglect we could have them in our care for long periods of time.

Some animals need one-to-one care or perhaps don't cope well in an animal centre environment and this is where our team of fantastic fosterers come in...

What does the role involve? There are three types of fostering role at the RSPCA:

  • Fosterers for animals ready to be rehomed.
  • Foster homes for cats that are still under treatment from our vets that are not ready to be rehome just yet. 

All fosterers are responsible for the welfare of the animal in their care and are a crucial part in the rehabilitation of the animal.

If you are interested in the role of an cat/kitten fosterer please contact us via email



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