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Interested in volunteering for the RSPCA?

We are always looking for more volunteers to join our family and there are lots of different opportunities.


We have three charity shops and rely on wonderful volunteers to help us run them smoothly. No two days in the life of a shop volunteer are ever quite the same but tasks will include unpacking and sorting donations; hanging, steaming and tagging garments; re-stocking the shop floor; pricing items; operating the till; customer service; window displays; cleaning and tidying. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any previous experience as all training will be provided. Even helping for a couple of hours a week can make a huge difference to us. Please fill in the Shop volunteer application form and either take into the shop you’d like to work in, or email to


This year our fundraising event have all been virtual but hopefully when a bit of normality returns, we will be able to go out into the community to meet people, spread the word on what we do, and raise valuable funds. If you would like to get involved in events and fundraising, please complete the Volunteer application form and email to


Another volunteering opportunity is Home Visiting. After a suitable family has applied to adopt one of our animals, we carry out a home check. This is so we can meet the potential owners, and check the home and garden will be safe and comfortable for the animal. You will receive full training for this role and it can work around your schedule as most potential adopters prefer home visits to be at the weekend or in the evenings. To apply, please complete the Volunteer application form and email to



We mainly foster cats from our branch and are always looking for new foster homes to help with the rehabilitation process. Fostering is so beneficial the cats we care for. Unfortunately, we frequently have cats in who have been treated poorly in the past and are wary or nervous around humans. While our cattery staff are fantastic, they can’t be with each animal all the time, so we try to find the cats individual homes and foster parents who can dedicate more time to helping the cat learn to trust again. We often get long term strays in who can benefit so much from being in a home environment. There are lots of household items (vacuum cleaners, hair dryers etc) which they will need to get used to again so they can be successfully rehomed.

While animals are in foster, the branch remains responsible for all medical needs so all vet bills will be covered by us. We set up each new foster home with a starter pack of food, litter and equipment, but after that we ask that you fund that side of it yourself. This helps with another important side of fostering – helping the branch to save money.

If you would like to apply to be a foster home, please complete the Perfect Match application form, and email to


Want to help ? Please visit our volunteer section to find out more about what you can do.

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