Bedfordshire North Branch
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Every donation counts!

As an idependant RSPCA Branch, we are responsible to raising our own funds and we couldn't do that without you!

Our Thurlow Street charity shop is our biggest source of income and we are always in need of stock. An unwanted item of clothing, uncomfortable pair of shoes or the previous colour schemes curtains may seem like rubbish to some people, but for us its money that can be used to help rehome a neglected animal. 

You can donate stock by bringing your unwanted items directly into our shop. We have a parking bay at the rear for unloading, or if you have a particularly large amount, we can come to you and collect! If you are a UK Tax payer, you can also Gift Aid the donations which increases the amount we receive.

If you would like to make a donation, but have no unwanted goods, you can also donate funds to our Branch through our charity shop! No donation is too small, and we are grateful for anything we receive as it all goes towards helping our local animals in need.



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