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Wes Anderson's Isle of Dogs

Unloved and unwanted, life appears hopeless for this band of abandoned mutts. Cue our hero. 12-year-old Atari who, unable to accept the loss of his canine companion Spots, travels to the desolate island in a desperate rescue attempt.

Sympathetic to Atari’s plight, a small pack of abandoned dogs, including the gruff stray Chief (Bryan Cranston) join him on his epic journey to be reunited with his lost friend.

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Highlighting issues faced by dogs today

Isle of Dogs is imaginative, inspired and futuristic. Yet it also helps to highlight a number of issues faced by dogs in England and Wales today.

Thousands of dogs are abandoned every year, but they aren’t exiled to an island. Instead they find their way into animal centres. This puts huge pressure on us and other animal welfare charities. You can help.   There are thousands of dogs in our care waiting for a forever home. Rescue dogs are unique, resourceful, brave and, most of all, great companions.

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