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About Us

 Thanks to our team of dedicated staff and volunteers, we run a re-homing Cattery which opened in 2006, taking in cats seized by the Inspector because of neglect or cases of animal cruelty. Cats where the owner has died or gone into a care home which gives them peace of mind. We take in cats where the owner cannot keep them anymore due to various circumstances and they are reassured that their pet will find a new loving home. Cats are re-homed to families who wish their children to grow up learning the responsibility of looking after an animal, to people looking for companionship or just because they want someone to love. 

In 2022 we

Rescued - 258 cats

Rehomed – 239 cats

Neutered - 168 cats

Microchipped - 143 cats

This year so far has been even busier and we are proud to say we rehomed our 5,000th rescue cat in February. We help those in the borough with vouchers towards vet treatment and neutering of their pets, not just cats. We help towards vet fees for all local wildlife. We also give talks to local schools and groups promoting kindness and preventing cruelty to all animals.

We were proud to open our Pet Food Bank in June 2022, and as the cost of living increases this scheme is needed now more than ever. We understand that our beloved pets are family members and we are here to keep pets and owners together during difficult times, which benefits both owners and pets well being. We are grateful for all of the support we have received so far towards our pet food bank, from members of the public, FareShare Charity and Ashford Borough Council. The rising cost of living has been a challenge, meeting with the cost of increased vet bills, increased utility costs and the rising costs of animal foods. Our fundraising team and staff are working hard in finding new ways to increase our fundraising income. Our charity shop continues to thrive keeping the volunteers very busy.

We provide volunteering opportunities for the Community to get involved in the Branch from aged 18 to people in their 80’s. Placements are provided for people with learning disabilities. Also people who find it hard to interact with other people find it a lot easier to be with the cats. Everyone who volunteers finds being around the cats has a calming effect on their wellbeing.

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